All Along the Watchtower

by Bob Dylan

Hebrew Lyric by Larry Yudelson

Note: This is still a work in progress. Objections, revisions and suggestions -- particularly for the unwritten final stanza -- are welcome.

Hebrew lyrics for first stanza Betach yesh derech l'tzet m'kaan
El ganav diber leitzan
Zeh yoter midai m'vulbal
Ee efshar l'hakim purkan

Anshei esek gonvim admotai
Et yeinai kol echad shoteh
V'af echad m'baladai
Yodea kamah zeh shaveh

Hebrew lyrics for second stanza Shum sibah l'hitlahev
Higiv haganav, b'neimut
Yesh hayom harbei imanu
She choshvhim chayim, rak leitzanut

Aval zeh lo goraleinu
Avarnu et zeh, kvar
Az m'dvar sheker nirchak
Hasha'ah, hu m'uchar

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