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Last update: 16 Oct 1997

RadioHazak asked what you thought of Mashina. You answered:

I saw Astral Progection's 'people can fly' videp it's a very special track, and I looked for their album in all the record stores I came into but I didnt find anything :(

Well I hope they will become more famous ao you'll get to know that wonder ful melodic and alternative tracks (16 Oct 1997)

Mashina is a great band that blends great music with that Israeli touch. As a person who lives in the US and find myself listening to Mashina more than I do US music. The time machine album truly is an amazing piece of artwork It definately ranks as one of my favorite albums of all time. (27 Nov 1997)

I love Mashina.I think they are the best Israeli rock has to offer.They had a great sense of irony in their combined with ripping technical flair.They possessed fetching lyrics and which reflect the surreal atmosphere of life in Israel. They are the act which would be very hard to follow
Alexander Murinson (16 Oct 1997)

Mashina are probably one of the better bands in the Israeli music scene. I hate to see them leave, because they inspired the Israeli music scene (successfully or not) alot. What I love most about them was their ability to jump from one musical style to another, like the jump from "Ha'amuta l'heker ha'tmuta" to "Mifletzot Tehila" and then to "Si haregesh". Some might say they are the Israeli equivalent of The Beatles but...I don't like The Beatles :)
Arie (6 Mar)

Mashina is the greatest band ever. I visited Israel last summer with the Los Angeles Federation-based Ulpan, and spent two unforgettable months based in Petah Tikvah and travelling around israel. Mashina's almost-last performance in Tel Aviv was a great memory that I will cherish forever. Midnight Train to Cairo forever!
Doug (5 Nov)

first time when I listened to Mashina was in ex-USSR, before our family made Alyah - it was in the camp of SOCHNUT for the jewish children and youth - israelians then brought to us "Rakevet layla le-Kahir", "Optikai meduplam" etc. We got crazy woth these songs - they had a nuance of some magic (Rock from the far Israel, You know...). Good old times... Now I'm really old, 20 years old it's too much to be young, what do You think ?
Alex Abramovich (Nov. 1)

Shalom! I think that Mashina is one of the awesomest groups ever to live on the face of this earth!!! I live in Florida and still think that they rock all of the American music. They are truly a winning group. I am very sad that they broke up because I wanted to go to one of their concerts this summer. Oh well. A few of my Israeli cousins made it to the concert and told me it was the greatest thing in the world. Whenever I listen to the crowd cheer in the concert CD, I get a chill. Mashina Rules, and so does Aviv Gefen!!!

Elie Greenberg (Feb. 7)

ADAM GRAMSE, P.O. 743, OMER, 84965 -- Aug. 13:

I think that...Mashina did the right thing by breaking up. Because if they will stay together, probably they'll start hating each other. But if they will make a comeback, it will be great! -- Jul. 31: I think that.mashina is the best israeli band that ever has been!!!!!!!!! they knew to interlace all the styles and kinds of music by the istruments!!!!!!!! c'ya , shlomi, yuval, micheal avner & igi

Yossi the II -- Jun. 29 I think that...That they are the second best group after the BEATLES. I just started to listen to their music after they broke up. I think it's a shame they broke up because I think they were the best Israeli band ever. I hope they get together again sometime. My favorite album is GEVIROTAI VE'RABOTAY because their songs there are just amazing and awesome. -- Oct. 26: Mashina is a great group but I respect their wishes to break up.

I was in Arad when the disaster/catastophe/whatever happened and I was quite shocked by the whole ordeal. I saw people who were so crazy over this group that the accident happened before they even came on stage. I'm glad to hear that they did do a final, final performance, and I plan on getting their last 2 CD's that I don't yet have.

Though I'm sad to see them go, maybe it might be possible that the parts are greater then the whole and we will hear more from these artists. -- Oct. 20: I can't understand why they broke up. It crushed me so I went to their concert and had the fun of my life. -- Oct. 19: Mashina is OK, aval, aviv gefen pi elef yoter tov!
Mashina is one of the greatest bands that we see in Israel. I personally followed them from the beginning, when I was teenage. Now I went to their farewell concert in Tzemach (before the Arad tragedy) with my husband and we felt exactly as when we were teenagers - the same enthusiasm.

For me, Mashina will always be for me "the band".


Alon -- Sept. 29: says:

I'm kind of disappointed with the album Goodbye Childhood, Hello Love because it doesn't sound as original (mekori) as their other albums. The Osef Sheni album, however, is great.

Ruthy Shneider -- sept 26: Mashina is the greatest Israeli band of all times.

When they first announced the breakup I was shocked. It was the last thing I'd expect. It took me by surprise. I was so sad.

My favourite Mashina album is beyond doubt their collections, because I love all of the albums. Their lyrics are genius.

I love Mashina and forever I will.

Mashina is the best band ever in Israel !
the best there is ...
the best there was ...
the best there ever will be They had some really cool music that captured the spirit of the land. They were fun to listen to and I've heard some of their music so often that the tape is almost worn away to nothing.

My favorite album is the first one I heard, Ha'amuta l'heker ha'tmuta and I also loved mifletzot hatehila. I wasn't too impressed with their last album and I wonder who will take their place now that they are gone...

Moshe Dagani, Ben-Gurion University. I think that Mashina is esential to Israeli pop music and they must continue to make great albums as they made till now.

I really know that Mashina can do a lot more for Israeli pop and I still hope they won't go separate after 10 great years of music and shows, especially not after their last greatest album.

Shai Cohen: My favorite song of theirs is "Shalmonze" from the third album.
Shlomit Peled: I'm sad to see them go and I hope they will be back. I think that their best album is:"ha'amuta lh'eker ha'tmuta." Mashina was the most impressive and influential band of the 80's in Israel. Their combination of Jazz and Rock was splendid. It's unfortunate to see them disband.

So what do you think? Love Mashina? Hate Mashina? Monkeys or zebras? Are you sad to see them go? What's your favorite Mashina album? Why? RadioHazak is waiting to hear from you!

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