What a year it's been for Mashina. They announced their breakup, and launched a farewell tour. At a farewell concert in Arad, three youths were trampled to death after promoters overbooked the show. And now, two new albums have come out: A second greatest hits album, and "Time Machine," a two-disc live concert recording.

Shlomo BrachaRegular RadioHazak reader and contributor Asaf Hirshberg (shown with Mashina composer Shlomo Bracha) gives this report:

The album design is disappointing, a "Hitmanlike" logo, (I expected it the be the farewell tour logo), a little B/W booklet, and a cardboard package. "Don't ever look at the jar - look inside it" said the older and wiser. So... they were right!

In case you haven't attend the farewell tour (you still have the chance), this is the closest you can get to actually being there (highly recommended). Take 2 hours of your time (full-moon at night prefered) to listen to the great DDD recorded album, close your eyes and feel the energy with the croud roaring.

Have fun with Mashina's little things that make the 99 NIS paid to the concert worthwhile. Such as the middle of "Baderech el hayam" (writing it here will be a crime).

OK, I see you are in a hurry to go and buy it so I won't stop you.

(Thanks also to Shai Cohen for his report on the album's release.)

Why the Breakup?

Why? According to Emily Hauser, writing in the Jerusalem Post, the band called it quits out of the love and respect they have for each other and for their joint efforts.

"We respect what we do," Yuval Banai said at the news conference scheduled to announce the breakup. "I think we try to be real with our work,and we've reached the point where, in order to be real with ourselves, this is the right thing to do."

Really? Is it that simple?

Let us know if you've heard a better story!

Just the facts

Mashina Albums
  1. Mashina
  2. Mashina 2
  3. Mashina 3
  4. Gvritai v'rabotai, Mashina (greatest hits)
  5. Ha'amuta l'heker ha'tmuta
  6. Mifletzot Tehila
  7. Si Haregesh
  8. L'hitraot n'urim, shalom ahava
  9. Greatest Hits 2
  10. Time Machine (live)

So what do you think? Love Mashina? Hate Mashina? Monkeys or zebras? Are you sad to see them go? What's your favorite Mashina album? Why? RadioHazak is waiting to hear from you!

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