Kaveret Lyrics

translations by Daniel Rice



Lyrics and Music: Danny Sanderson

Performed by Kaveret ("Beehive") a/k/a Poogy

I received a somewhat exaggerated punishment,
They sentenced me to death.
I sat on the electric chair,
I left my private transport.
If only I could
Switch chairs,
Because they say, usually:
"He who changes his place changes his luck" [Rabbinic quotation]

Yo-ya, I ask
Yo-ya, you answer
Hey, yo-ya, is it fair?
Hey, yo-ya, you don't know.

My brother collected stamps,
So he worked in the post office.
He distributed the letters,
He even got a degree in it.
One day his supervisor noticed
He was also collecting the letters.
He was fired from his job immediately,
Because "To every thing/mailman there is an end." [Pun]

I had an uncle so lazy
That he was too lazy to rest.
He would go to the ants [Proverbs 6:6 -- "Go to the ant, O sluggard..."]
And return disspirited.
If only he were less foolish,
Then he certainly would know
That the proverb has an addition:
"Consider her ways, and be wise." ["...she prepares her food in summer, etc."]


A cousin of mine wanted to swim,
In order to float on a regular basis.
He learned swimming by correspondence,
With a well-known lifeguard.
When he finally entered the water,
Within seconds he disappeared.
Two people jumped in after him right away:
"Two are better/drown from one." [Pun]


A Small Country (medinah ktanah)


Danny Sanderson/Yoni Rechter

In a faraway place, close to here
We got ourselves together
We brought our friends
And we didn't say who or what

South, north, center
We rented a little sky
Tears brought rain
We opened a new country

A small country dodges trouble
You won't find the address,
It's safe in a box.
In such a hard world
It's not good to stand out
We'll hide here and never ever come out

Two houses, two horses, three trees
Always going on foot
Singing songs without a flag
Breathing for years for no reason

Wars, disasters go on off to the side
We're in ourselves
And all that's here with us
Can always be erased

Someday, if it's worth it, perhaps we'll leave
As long as we can withstand the duration
I don't feel the need
We'll live and die and then we'll see

Aging Boy (yeled mizdaken)


Danny Sanderson/Alon Oleartchik

An aging boy,
A boy going bad,
Learns the principle
Only after he falls.
Doesn't speak well,
Give it up, boy,
That's what they tell him
When he falls down in the street.

Today you got up at two in the afternoon,
Saw what the hour was, what darkness in your eyes.
What do do when father worries,
This year already you were suppsed to get married.

You got up and went to Tel Aviv in the morning,
You saw people who live so dearly,
What is the price of an well-schooled kid,
Who doesn't want to live and feel like nobody.

Aging boy,
Boy Diplomat,
Talks a lot,
For us it's just a little.
Lives in bed,
Lights a heater,
How strange it is,
When you live on boredom.

Dear mother,
A boy grows old
That's very said
When they bury your son.
Take me to your side,
Talk to me alone,
A want to build
Blocks on the floor.

--- medley with:

Despite Everything (lamrot ha-kol)

We had some problems, it seems We thought we wouldn't make it We went in the wrong direction In a pretty surprising way Between all the directions and ways One could die Years without hope for we didn't know How best to travel But for all that we arrived, despite everything.

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