Si Hi-Man

Si Hi-Man launched her career in the pubs of Tel Aviv. With her first album, she blazed a new trail for Israeli women rockers. Full details of her childhood are available in a lengthy (3,000 word) interview conducted the week she recorded her third album.

Annotated Discography

  1. Si Hi-Man and Local Band ****
  2. Political. "Big Hero Gibur Gadol" stands out as feminist anti-war anthem.

  3. The Second Album *****
  4. Si live. Compare "Marionette" to the version on the first album and you'll understand why you have to see Si on stage. "Shooting and Crying," tearjerker Intifada protest was banned from Army Radio.

  5. Working on the Road ***
  6. Grafitti Tel Aviv '89 was one of the first Israeli pseudo-rap songs. Elsewhere, Si is less lyrically sharp or as hard rocking as on earlier albums. Still, it makes a great soundtrack to Israel in the year before the invasion of Kuwait. The chorus to title song -- "We don't want much -- love, labor and a small room to live" -- should have been an anthem for the mass Soviet aliyah.

  7. Rendez-Vous Nifgashim ***
  8. After several years, high-profile romantic troubles, and one baby, Si returned to the recording studio with biting songs of love and hate but still-muted rock and roll.

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