translations by Daniel Rice

Poker for Breakfast (Poker al ha Boker)


Lyrics: Ili Kaufman / Music: Tsof Philosof

Performed By Si Hi-Man and Local Band (1990)

Take me with you across the the hills of light
Neon lights glow there all the time
Take me with you across the black border
To a place where they tell lies all the time

People play there
People rebel there
Raise there, rebel there
All the time
Poker in the morning

Don't forget me across wandering sands
In the place where they lie all the time
Don't forget me
Across the black border
Neon glows there all the time

I'll learn to fit in there
To play a poker face
Just take me to you
Across the black border
We crossed it long ago

Poker in the morning, in the morning

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