translations by Daniel Rice

Shooting and Crying (Yorim UBochim)


Lyrics and Music: Si Hi-Man

Perfromed by Si Hi-Man and the Local Band (1988)

The street cleaner told me
That in his village everything had changed.
Life seems different in the shadow of the filth
And in my house, the window is broken
Tel-Aviv bursts into me
Even its smell has changed -- I sense danger.

Boys play with lead,
Girls with dolls of steel.
Life seems different to me in the shadow of the filth

It doesn't matter to me at all
Who will win this time.
The world that I had is no more
And the great light has been extinguished.

Boys play with lead...

Shooting and crying
Burning and laughing
When did we learn how to bury living people?
Shooting and crying
Burning and laughing
When did we forget that they also killed children for us?

At home in the city everything is different
Wrapped in cellophane, tied to the ground
I wait for the train
How long will I wait to see what will happen?
Until when will we wait and cry over what is happening

On both sides, people just want to live
With this great fear it's impossible to see a thing
We want shelter from the struggle
It so doesn't matter to me who is the stronger.


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