Shalom Hanoch's Top Hits

From the Yediot Achronot Top 100

1969: "The Shlosharim"

With Shalom Hanoch.

1970: "Shablul"

Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch

1970: "Plastelina"

Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch

1974: "The End of the Orange Season"

The first Israeli super-group and a classic. Shalom Hanoch, Ariel Zilber, Yehudah Edar, Eitan Gadron and Meir Yisrael.

1977: "A Man Within Himself"

Hanoch's first Hebrew solo album.

1978: "Pop Festival"

Nueva '78
Israel's first rock festival in the desert. Hanoch, Eskstein, Pik, Ben-Zeiv, Gabrielov, Broza and Asthar Shamir

1981: White Wedding

Shalom Hanoch
A masterpiece from the wreckage of his marraige

1985: Waiting for the Messiah

Shalom Hanoch
Political protest translated into commercial success.

1986: Daphna Armoni

Her first solo album was written and produced by Shalom Hanoch.

1988: Just a Person

Shalom Hanoch
One of the least succesful but most exciting of his albums.
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