I Dreamed I Saw Maimonides

By Larry Yudelson

I dreamed I saw Maimonides
On the downtown train
Fighting with a homeless man
Whose faith did not remain
The rabbi lost the argument
And said with wounded pride
"I'd gladly give you all my gold
If you will be my guide"

"Arise, Arise," the beggar said,
"Play doctor to the street
This city needs your healing hands
Not more Talmudic feats.
The overweight, the underfed
And all by sorrow vexed
Know dialectics never bring
Hope to the perplexed."

I dreamed I saw Maimonides
Holding out his hand
And on his finger lay my mother's
Golden wedding band.
It glowed so bright I closed my eyes
And turned my head away
And then I heard my father's voice
"Wake up, it's time to pray."

Copyright Larry Yudelson, 1995.

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