Larry Yudelson

Editor, Jewish Communication Network 8/95-10/96

Supervise four member editorial team of Jewish Communication Network (JCN), the leading Web site for Jewish news, culture, arts and humor. JCN receives over 100,000 hits weekly and is rated four-star by Net Guide. Oversaw site launch in 1995. Design content exclusive to JCN, create CGI programs, and initiate contact with information providers and Web design clients.

Design: Structure overall site, content, and message boards. Site hailed as "Web savvy" by Web Review and "an example of what organizations can achieve on the net" by The Net.

Editorial: Draft original features and display content from third party information providers. Coordinated real-time coverage of Israeli election. Create site's periodic "Top 12" list, cited by Village Voice for creativity and humor. Develop thematic content areas to facilitate links, interactivity and opportunities for targeted advertising. Design Web sites for third parties. Original news reporting was cited by HotWired and the Jerusalem Post.

Business: Develop Web-design proposals for outside clients, including financials. Negotiate with content providers. Give industry and company-specific presentations to potential clients and end users.

Programming: Develop Perl scripts for interactive polling and message board monitoring applications. Work with SQL programmers to develop IDC/HTX applications for Microsoft Internet information Server. Specify designs for message board and other CGI applications to C programmers. Locate and apply Java applets for Web site.

Webmaster 3/95-Present

Bob Dylan: Tangled Up in Jews
Radio Hazak: Israeli Music on the Internet

Created the first Web sites devoted to popular culture for the Jewish community. Tangled Up in Jews cited by Point as "Top 5% of Internet" and mentioned in Radio Hazak cited in God on the Internet.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency 1991-1995

STAFF WRITER. Reported for daily wire service, often on tight deadline. Beat included national politics, international affairs, national Jewish organizations and philanthropy. Stories cited by the New Yorker, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Village Voice and the Washington Post.

ACTING ISRAEL EDITOR. Coordinated Israel bureau during editor's six-month leave. Assigned articles and shaped copy.

Various Publications 1985-1996

FREELANCE WRITER. Wrote reviews, editorials and articles. Published in Forward, Jerusalem Report, Reform Judaism, Washington Jewish Week, and P.S. Magazine. Reported an in-depth series for the Religious News Service under a grant from the Lilly Endowment.

Washington Jewish Week 1988-1990

ISRAEL CORRESPONDENT. Covered the 1988 election campaign and the 1990 coalition crisis and aftermath. Followed the Soviet Jewish immigration, with particular attention to its impact on settlement policy and the country's religious life. Wrote award-winning profile of an Israeli rock star.

Long Island Jewish World 1987-1988

ASSISTANT EDITOR. Editorial responsibilities included layout and headlines. Local and national news reporting.

Jewish Student Press Service 1985-1987

EDITOR. Responsible for monthly packet of feature articles on Jewish topics for 60 subscribing newspapers. Assigned topics and edited stories.


B.A., Yeshiva College, computer science. Magna Cum Laude, 1985


NetGuide Four Stars for JCN Web site, 1996.
Point "Top 5% of Web" and I-Way 500 for Bob Dylan: Tangled Up in Jews, 1995-6
Rockower Award of the American Jewish Press Association, for excellence in arts coverage, 1991


Perl, HTML, Hebrew.


Maintain Dylan & the Jews World Wide Web page.

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