Shlomo Artzi's Lyrics

translations by Daniel Rice

Shlomo Artzi


July-August Heat (The Brigade) (chom yuli-ogust)

The July-August heat was very heavy

Afternoon, the brigade walk through the wadi

Write a page in a book, we're talking about war

Write down shivering wounded, that's normal

The youths are handsome, the summer endless

Aknin came to the brigade the champion of Kiryat Gat

Burned down barracks, fled to Beit Juvrin

The police are on his footsteps, only here can he rest a bit

What I remember I'm writing down

Two men without names pass by on stretchers

Recently pictures from there come back to me

In my hazy memory of today

A heavy screen of wars and delusions

July-August heat, one pinecone drops

A helicopter land I lie alone on the ground

When the helicopter vanishes I'm suddenly hungry

Dying to eat you at the mother base forever

I return on a train to you at your house

Close the room, even God won't come in

Suddenly your father comes in, look likes he's been crying

At the canal an entire brigade was ambushed

What I remember I'm writing down

Catch a cab to the discotheque

Whores on the fence, in my body only a burning ghost

I go to dance with soldiers dead in their hearts

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