Shlomo Artzi's Lyrics

translation by Larry Yudelson

New Land (Eretz Hadasha)

By Shlomo Artzi

The rain is already falling and it's winter
Tel Aviv is blocked up, Haifa too
Sit, boy, sit
I'm telling you, sit
And the two of us are traveling dirt roads.
Looking past the windows
We have a land, why another one
Outside it's Monday's sunset
And Arabs are praying, because it's some holiday
A friend from a trip like this in winter
Stares at me
His legs are short, but his head is wise
We are flight, everything is this here, he says to me
You are daddy, you are also a person.
Looking through the windows
Eyes he has, feelings, yes, yes
Strange how the foreign enemy
Seems to him human and also frightened.

I have a woman, that's your mother
Travel, travel, perhaps we'll arrive by tomorrow
If we don't slow down, we won't see, we won't pay attention to the details
We won't arrive -- to a new land.

Two sheep rise on the crossroads
Don't run over them, we won't run over.
Sit, boy sit,
I'm telling you sit,
The heart is overflowing, that doesn't mean miracles.
Whip out a pocket camera
Think that's paradise precisely
Denies he's cold
And photographs so we'll remember what will be.
I read in the paper of a 100-year-old woman
Who her whole life did good deeds,
Sit, boy, sit,
I'm telling you sit,.
Not all people were born evil.
For a while she's been dead, enough time,
Your father too will die one day,
No, paradise doesn't exist
Perhaps a new land exists.

I have a woman...

Rain is already falling and it's winter
This time everything was purple
Sit, boy, sit, why cuddle up
Something in memory grates.
Looking through the windows
We have eyes to look.
Say, he asks me, will,
Will they let us enter at all?
Friends from a trip like this in winter are already missing
My father slept, old and shut up
With him I walked the path of the eyes I no longer have
Now my son walks with me.
Looking through the windows
We have a land - why another one?
Outside it's Monday's sunset,
Inside I and he are like one man.

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