translation by Daniel Rice

David Broza


Ramito De Violetas (sigali`ot)

[E. Sobredo/Hebrew: Yehonatan Geffen]
She got married and she's satisfed
Even though her husband's a kind of ghost and a mule
Always out of spirits
And he won't even say why
For three years she's received
Love letters under her door from a strange man

Who writes you these notes,
Who sends a garland of violet flowers
When spring is bursting forth
Who, every ninth of November
Without a name or a hint,
Sends you a wreath of purple violets tied in a ribbon?

Whole nights she's lain awake,
Daydreaming about the sender,
Surely he's a man with a romantic heart,
A good spirit and a sympathetic smile,
Three years she's suffered in silence
Sometimes she almost cries out
And what if her husband knows?
She hides her letters.

When her husband comes home
Tired from work, casts a questioning glance downwards
He doesn't say that he knows,
Because it is he that writes to her
If she knew she'd go mad for certain
He is the loved one, he is her dream
So what if her husband knows?
She hides her letters
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