Shalom Hanoch's Lyrics

translations by Daniel Rice

Waiting for Messiah (Mechakim LaMashiach)


Lyrics and Music: Shalom Hanoch (1985)

Sitting for hours, waiting for the Messiah to come
The Messiah is a key man, his hand is in everything
 and everything is in his hands,
Samich smoked and Yerucham licks his lips (???)
Yorah looks at his watch and rolls his eyes
An office in the north -- "Artzieli Ltd. - Advisors"
Afternoon and outside the world turns
Presses a buzzer, says: "Bring us coffee" -
The Messiah isn't coming -- he isn't phoning, either.

A general silence, five tense individuals
The door opens and Yardenah, all smiles:
"The black is for Yorah, the tea for Artzieli junior"
Yardenah leaves, Ezra doesn't stop smoking.
As each hour passes
Artzieli senior knows that he wasn't mistaken
He drips with sweat, bellows at his son:
"The Messiah isn't coming -- he isn't phoning, either."

The doorbell pierces the hum of the air conditioner
Yerucham jumps to the door, cutting the smoke
Artzieli junior looks at his father from the side
And in the entrance is revealed a policeman with cap in hand
And Yudah says: "Something must have happened"
Yerucham responds "They don't send the police for nothing"
The policeman says "There was an accident, and so
The Messiah isn't coming -- he isn't phoning, either."

"An accident with who?" asked the young Artzieli
"An accident of the State" answered the wretched policeman
"The stock market crashed, people jumped from the roof
The Messiah also jumped, and they announced that he was killed..."
"...everything's lost" cried Ezra Dahan the contractor,
"The Messiah is in heaven and we, without the money, are here"
And the beautiful Yardenah mumbles "This can't be!"
The Messiah isn't coming -- he isn't phoning, either.

"Bitter December" -- the headlines cried out
And the minister of finance gave an interview on the news:
"The public is stupid, so the public will pay,
What comes easily disappears just as easily.
The little man is forced to pay dearly."
And to me Yardenah is more interesting than all the rest -
Go to reserve duty, and count the money that's not there.
The Messiah isn't coming -- he isn't phoning, either.

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