translation by Daniel Rice



Lyrics and Music: Danny Sanderson

Performed by Kaveret ("Beehive") a/k/a Poogy

I received a somewhat exaggerated punishment,
They sentenced me to death.
I sat on the electric chair,
I left my private transport.
If only I could
Switch chairs,
Because they say, usually:
"He who changes his place changes his luck" [Rabbinic quotation]

Yo-ya, I ask
Yo-ya, you answer
Hey, yo-ya, is it fair?
Hey, yo-ya, you don't know.

My brother collected stamps,
So he worked in the post office.
He distributed the letters,
He even got a degree in it.
One day his supervisor noticed
He was also collecting the letters.
He was fired from his job immediately,
Because "To every thing/mailman there is an end." [Pun]

I had an uncle so lazy
That he was too lazy to rest.
He would go to the ants [Proverbs 6:6 -- "Go to the ant, O sluggard..."]
And return disspirited.
If only he were less foolish,
Then he certainly would know
That the proverb has an addition:
"Consider her ways, and be wise." ["...she prepares her food in summer, etc."]


A cousin of mine wanted to swim,
In order to float on a regular basis.
He learned swimming by correspondence,
With a well-known lifeguard.
When he finally entered the water,
Within seconds he disappeared.
Two people jumped in after him right away:
"Two are better/drown from one." [Pun]


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