translation by Daniel Rice

A Small Country (medinah ktanah)


Danny Sanderson/Yoni Rechter

In a faraway place, close to here
We got ourselves together
We brought our friends
And we didn't say who or what

South, north, center
We rented a little sky
Tears brought rain
We opened a new country

A small country dodges trouble
You won't find the address,
It's safe in a box.
In such a hard world
It's not good to stand out
We'll hide here and never ever come out

Two houses, two horses, three trees
Always going on foot
Singing songs without a flag
Breathing for years for no reason

Wars, disasters go on off to the side
We're in ourselves
And all that's here with us
Can always be erased

Someday, if it's worth it, perhaps we'll leave
As long as we can withstand the duration
I don't feel the need
We'll live and die and then we'll see

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