translation by Daniel Rice

Aging Boy (yeled mizdaken)


Danny Sanderson/Alon Oleartchik

An aging boy,
A boy going bad,
Learns the principle
Only after he falls.
Doesn't speak well,
Give it up, boy,
That's what they tell him
When he falls down in the street.

Today you got up at two in the afternoon,
Saw what the hour was, what darkness in your eyes.
What do do when father worries,
This year already you were suppsed to get married.

You got up and went to Tel Aviv in the morning,
You saw people who live so dearly,
What is the price of an well-schooled kid,
Who doesn't want to live and feel like nobody.

Aging boy,
Boy Diplomat,
Talks a lot,
For us it's just a little.
Lives in bed,
Lights a heater,
How strange it is,
When you live on boredom.

Dear mother,
A boy grows old
That's very said
When they bury your son.
Take me to your side,
Talk to me alone,
A want to build
Blocks on the floor.

--- medley with:

Despite Everything (lamrot ha-kol)

We had some problems, it seems We thought we wouldn't make it We went in the wrong direction In a pretty surprising way Between all the directions and ways One could die Years without hope for we didn't know How best to travel But for all that we arrived, despite everything.
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