Yehudit Ravitz's lyrics

Coming From Love (Ba'ah Me-ahavah)
Lyrics: Yankele Rotblit
Music: Yehudit Ravitz
Translation: Daniel Rice

From the album: Coming From Love (Ba'ah Me-ahavah)

The pace of her step
A wrinkle in her dress
These are what bear witness,
these are what tell that,
clinging to her
Is the taste of love
Grass in her hair
And her two eyes also tell about her
That she's coming from love

A tiny bit of confusion
Magic in her smile
These are what explain, these are what keep her secret That she's coming from love
How beautiful she is
Light rests on her face and you can see upon her
That she's coming from love

The smell of a flowering field
And from her lips rises
The taste
She wants it again
To taste the taste of love

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