Yehudit Ravitz's lyrics

Dance Floor (raHavat ha-rikudim)
From the album: Coming From Love (Ba'ah Me-ahavah)
Lyrics: Yankele Rotblit
Music: Yehudit Ravitz
Translation: Daniel Rice

A girl from a good home meets a man with no home
The dance floor is lit for a dangerous dance
Between the mocking lights their eyes meet
And the sounds of the guitar rise in the smoke

The drinks quiver in the glass
Hers she gulps down to the end
She doesn't hear the sound of danger, the warning signs She dances toward him, he performs the step
From which there is no easy way back

They danced by themselves
As though they were alone in the world
The best cards are in their hands
All night
On the dance floor
The dance floor

He's a criminal who's in and out of jail
With an unsavory past
Why get yourself involved in such a life
You think that surely with you he will return to the good

Happiness is
Happiness is
Happiness is the perfect crime
She is his and he is hers
Two eyes aflame
She is his and he is hers
All night On the dance floor
The dance floor

A warning bell rings foir him and he doesn't flee There's no shelter from it ever overseas
Like the flash of a serrated knife her beauty cuts open His heart, that knows that he's been sentenced for life

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