The Child in You

Double Album, December 1995

Amos Oren, writing in Yediot Achronot, calls it "a return of the debt of honor to the myriads of his fans who waited faithfully" for Poliker's first full album since 1990. (To Your Blue Eyes was mostly instrumental).

Poliker, who started his solo career by discovering his Mediterranean roots, has now come full circle to his days of Rock with Benzene, writes Oren.

"The Poliker of the new album is an up-to-date rock artist. The arrangements and musical productions, in partnership with Yakov Gilad and Yoed Nevo, are the last word in rock... the tone is warm and near. Yehuda is attentive to international developmetns and influences. He adopts dance rhythms, melancholy ambient atmosphere, and new age movie tapestries. He uses the packed urban dance rythmic structure to create tension... but not one cut is suitable for the dance floor.....

"This is a voyage from the private I to the public. From the house, family and local environment to relations between people. To the city and street, to the army and society, until the apocalyptic finish.... A brave record, penetrating writing, carrying conquered rage and exploding pain."

Oren recommends that the 22 cuts -- 17 songs, 5 instrumental passages -- be listend straight through. "100 wonderful minutes."

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