Shir LaShalom -- A Song of Peace

Lyrics: Yaakov Rotblit Melody: Yair Rosenblum

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A Song For Peace

This is the song that Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin sang at the peace rally at which he was assassinated:

Tnu lashemesh la'alot, 
laboker leha-ir
Hazakah shebatfilot, 
otanu lo tachzir
Mi asher kavah nero, 
uve'afar nitman,
bekhi mar lo ye'iro, 
lo yakhziro lekhan.
Ish otanu lo yashiv, 
mibor takhtit afel,
Kan lo yo'ilu,  
lo simkhat hanitzakhon, 
velo shirei halell!
Lakhen, rak shiru shir lashalom, 
al tilkhashu tefillah!
mutav tashiru shir lashlalom, 
bitze'akak g'dolah!
Let the sun rise 
and give the morning light,
the purest prayer 
will not bring us back.
He whose candle was snuffed out 
and was buried in the dust,
a bitter cry won't wake him, 
won't bring him back.
Nobody will return us 
from the dead dark pit.
Here, neither the joy of victory 
nor songs of praise 
will help.
So sing only for peace, 
don't whisper a prayer, 
it's better to sing a song for peace 
with a giant shout!
Tnu lashemesh lakhador, 
miba'ad laprakhim.
Al tabitu le-akhor, 
hanikhu laholkhim.
Se-u einayim betikvah, 
lo derekh kavanot
shiru shir la-ahavah, 
velo lamilkhamot
Al tagidu yom yavo, 
havi-u et hayom!!
Ki lo khalom hu
Uvekhol hakikarot 
hari'u lashalom!
Veshiru, shiru shir lashalom, 
al telkhashu tefillah!
mutav tashiru shir lashalom, 
bitze'akah g'dolah
Let the sun penetrate 
through the flowers,
don't look backward, 
leave those who have departed.
Lift your eyes with hope 
not through the rifle sights
sing a song for love 
and not for wars.
Don't say the day will come, 
bring the day, 
because it is not a dream.
And within all the city's squares,
cheer for peace.
And sing, sing a song for peace, 
don't whisper a prayer, 
it's better to sing a song for peace 
with a giant shout!

Rhymed translation

thanks to Joel David Bloom of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Shir LaShalom                   A Song For Peace

 Tnu lashemesh la'alot,         Let the sun come up again
 laboker leha-ir              and give the morning light.
 Hazakah shebatfilot,         the purest prayer that you can find
 otanu lo tachzir             can't change our deadly plight.

 Mi asher kavah nero,           He whose light has been snuffed out
 uve'afar nitman,             can't taste your bitter tear.
 bekhi mar lo ye'iro,         Nothing you can do or say
 lo yakhziro lekhan.          can bring him back to here.

 Ish otanu lo yashiv,         Nobody can raise us up
 mibor takhtit afel,          from our cold dark graves.
 Kan lo yo'ilu,               Don't try to help us
 lo simkhat hanitzakhon,        with your cheers of victory
 velo shirei haleil!          or your songs of praise.

 Lakhen, rak shiru shir lashalom,       So only sing a song for peace;
 al tilkhashu tefillah!                 don't whisper us a prayer.
 mutav tashiru shir lashlalom,          Better to sing a song for peace.
 bitze'akah g'dolah!                    Let shouting fill the air!

 Tnu lashemesh lakhador,        Let the sun shine through again
 miba'ad laprakhim.             to let the flowers grow.
 Al tabitu le-akhor,          Don't look backward to the past;
 hanikhu laholkhim.             let those who left you go.

 Se-u einayim betikvah,         Let your eyes look up with hope,
 lo derekh kavanot            not through a rifle sight.
 shiru shir la-ahavah,        Sing a song, a song for love,
 velo lamilkhamot             not for another fight.

 Al tagidu yom yavo,            Don't tell me the day will come;
 havi-u et hayom!!            work for it without cease.
 Ki lo khalom hu              It's not a dream, so
 Uvekhol hakikarot            inside every city square
 hari'u lashalom!             let out a cheer for peace!

 Veshiru, shiru shir lashalom,          Come on and sing a song for peace;
 al telkhashu tefillah!                 don't whisper us a prayer.
 mutav tashiru shir lashalom,           Better to sing a song for peace.
 bitze'akah g'dolah                     Let shouting fill the air!


thanks to Dan Jurkowitz

Am A7         Dm
Tnu lashemesh la'alot
G           C
laboker leha'ir.
F       Dm
Hazaka shebatfilot
E         Am
otanu lo tachzir.
Am A7        Dm
Mi asher kava nero
G          C
uve'afar nitman,
F              Dm
bechi mar lo ya'iro
E          Am
lo yachziro lechan.
G         C
Ish otanu lo yashiv
G         C
mibor tachtit afel
kan lo yo'ilu
Am A7        Dm
lo simchat hanitzachon
Am   E     Am
velo shirey halel.

           F     C
Lachen rak shiru shir lashalom
Dm      E      Am
al tilchashu t'fila.
        F     C
Mutav tashiru shir lashalom
Dm           E
bitze'aka g'dola.

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