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February 17, 2005

Chava's New "Coconut"

Haaretz - Israel News - Don t say she didn t warn you

Chava Alberstein is convinced that her new album "Kokus" ("Coconut"), which is being released today, is an optimistic one. In one of the songs she recommends kisses as medicine; in another she releases letters of the alphabet into the air and creates new prayers from them; and in a third, a tree that is trapped in a concrete pit vanquishes its oppressive surroundings and grows taller. But Alberstein cannot help but wave stop signs in front of her listeners, little stop signs of criticism, so that no one will say she didn't warn them.
She warns about loneliness, air pollution and the future safety of our children. In the theme song, "Coconut," she even uses the word "Arabs": "Too bad there's not a coconut here / It is good for the Jews / It is good for the Arabs / Straight from the tree sweet and tasty. / Don't say that there are olives in this place. It's not the same at all. / A coconut lives the moment, an olive is planted in the past. / We also deserve nut milk and nuts / and warm rain that washes the beaches in summer."

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