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February 23, 2005

Idan Raichel on NPR

Tip of the kova tembel to Israelity for pointing out the NPR Morning Edition interview with Idran Raichel:
Israeli musician Idan Raichel won his country's song of the year honors with a piece that mixed pop and ethnic Ethiopian music. Raichel has helped introduce the music of Israel's immigrant Ethiopian community to a wider audience and is just finishing his U.S. tour.
Great story, particularly since it's audio!

But if you want to read as well, here's a piece from the York University student paper, reviewing a recent concert there:

Most of the songs were not quite the same live, as many of the original musicians of the songs were not present (Raichel tours with only 7 of his 30 collaborating musicians), but the music was nonetheless brilliant and stirring. Though the most die-hard of fans might argue that "If You Go" was performed better on the CD, the emotion the musicians put into their singing, dancing and playing made the concert experience breathtaking.

While the sounds and sights of Idan Raichel are surprising to the first-time viewer, he believes that they should be nothing but natural.

"For me, they are the Israel of 2005, which represents the immigration and the colours of Israel," he says. The distance their group has come in three short years is amazing, he says, explaining how it felt to perform in Tel Aviv's biggest opera hall for the first time.

"I was thinking to myself, ten years ago, Avi Wassa came from Ethiopia and Cabra Kasai was in Sudan," he says. "Today", he adds, "they can walk really proud."

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