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February 16, 2005

Idan Raichel speaks to the Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post interviews Eidan Raichel. Excerpts:

"Whatever one writes or creates comes from our depths. I don't write snappy pop songs from off the top of my head. Whether I'm writing about love or something else, what I write comes from my lowest point," he says, searching for ways of properly explaining the album's title.

Ethiopian beats - present on the first album - are still in the mix, but there's also Caribbean and Arabic styles on Out of the Depths.

"This is Israel... forget politics, this music reflects different segments of the Israeli population. I love this album. I hope others will like it, too."

Although considered a boy wonder who appeared out of nowhere one day in 2002, Raichel had been working with some of the country's leading artists for a number of years. It was this experience, plus a good dose of hutzpa, that led him to ask Damari to pool resources.

"Record company executives suggested that for my second album I work with well-known musicians. I decided against that, as I prefer to work with unknowns, with new people, with new musicians, with new vibes," says Raichel. "And though I wanted to continue with young people, the suggestion about working with someone established set into my mind. After thinking about it, I decided the person I'd most love to work with is Damari."

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