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April 18, 2005

Ehud Manor as the deejay of the Zionist Enterprise

Rogerl Alpher writes in Haaretz:

He had a very important job and distinguished status. He was the deejay of the Zionist enterprise, the pianist in the national bar who continuously captures our hearts. A song for every national mood, with a cypress in the background and a searing sun in the sky. Thick, swaying treetops. Nowadays, Israel could not produce another songwriter on the level of Hefer and Manor. Because there is no such profession anymore. There's no longer any need.

It's not taking anything away from his talent to say that Manor imparted a certain respectability and decency, a national dimension, a dimension of collective meaning, to pop music. With a songwriter this prolific, there is no rebellion or subversion or unique message. What happens when so many songs flow from the pens of so few writers? The song in the Song Festival or the hit charts, even the hit charts, automatically receives an almost canonical status. More idiosyncratic work has a hard time flourishing in such conditions.

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