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April 06, 2005

Ivri Leder reviewed by JPost

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Ivri Lider stays ahead
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It's Not the Same

Ivri Lider's hyped and anticipated new album, It's Not the Same (Zeh Lo Oto Davar), hit record stores a few weeks ago. This is Lider's fourth album, and once again he's responsible for all lyrics and melodies. The multi-talented artist also did his own arrangements, and plays keyboards for almost all the songs. "Zachiti Le'ehov" and "Nisim" have already won respect on radio play lists.

Lider backs his tracks with a live orchestra, giving the songs a passionate sound that most recorded albums lack.

The 11-track release is accomplished, but not overly "wow." Nevertheless, with two gold discs behind him already (his first went platinum), it's no surprise that It's Not the Same shot up to Tower Records' No. 1 spot its first week out, and continues to hover in the Top 10.

Those who invest in this album will delight in the video clip to "Zachiti Le'ehov," and will also receive a bonus second disc - a compilation by Lider and DJ Henree. Entitled Ivri vs. Henree Fight, the disc offers eight of Lider's songs replete with fresh electronic technicalities by Henree - including new looping, meter tempos, and supplementary drum and bas

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