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April 02, 2005

Press Pans Pearl

Vivian Sarah Press reviews Itay Pearl's first album, Banot, in Jerusalem Post:

Itay Pearl's solo debut is a collection of mostly acoustic guitar songs about girls.

The album pretty much sticks to its "girl" theme, with the 13 tracks enlightening us about Pearl's personal experiences with women. It's sweet.

Musically, however, Pearl seems mixed up. He throws in an array of musical styles that don't mesh. As a whole, the album, feels disjointed: there's jazz ("Avraham V'Ibrahim"), folk ("Ben Kechol Habanim") and acoustic rock ("Kol Hatovot Tfusot").

Moreover, background voices and laughter give the bizarre sensation that the music was perhaps recorded in an amusement park.

Pearl is definitely talented, but he's just trying to do too much on this debut album. The Safed-born musician not only wrote and composed the music and plays guitar, but also produced almost the whole album. He fine-tuned his skills at the Rubin Academy of Music at Tel Aviv University.

This isn't the last we'll hear of him, but hopefully his next release will be more cohesive.

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