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April 2, 2005

Sha! does Meir Ariel

Sha!: Friday Miscellaneous Pop Culture Entry

Ariel's songs were different. They were baggy. They often ran to six minutes and more. A lot of them didn't really have choruses. But most significantly, this was one of the first Israeli records where the lyrics take center stage in front of the music.

Ariel loved the language. He wasn't afraid to use a high-falutin' level of Hebrew, often coming up with surprising word combinations and turns of phrase. A lot of the songs have a real narrative scope and you can hear Ariel's screenwriting ambitions showing up. "Errol" deals with shenanigans on the kibbutz and feels like a short story brought to the screen. He also had a weird humorous streak. "Terminal Luminault," one of his best known songs, deals with a guy who gets his jollies watching planes take off at the airport.

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