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November 27, 2005

Madonna Steals Ofra's Piyut

Is it fair that poor Ofra, who never had massive, Madonna-style worldwide fame, and died tragically from AIDS she got from a blood transfusion, and by all accounts was a totally sweet lady, should get her “Im Nin’alu-to-Dance-Music” idea completely stolen, without credit, by Madonna, who uses it to sell a ton of records and spread her Kaballah shtuyot?

If Madonna is really so deeply initiated in the Jewish mystical rites, couldn’t she dig a little deeper into the huge library of piyyutim?

Will Madonna’s next album have as leadoff singles “Dror Yikra” and “Yom Zeh Mekhubad”?

Jewlicious » Esther rips off Ofra.

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November 20, 2005

Hanoch & Arzi in Caesaria

Jerusalem Post reviews Shalom Hanoch, Shlomo Artzi In Caesaria (Hed Arzi)
One of the most hyped Israeli rock concerts of the year now comes to you on CD. Once competitors, rock giants Shalom Hanoch and Shlomo Artzi, have united to bring local music fans an awesome double CD album of the best of both their songs.

From "Kama Tov Shebat Habayta" to "Yareach" to "Gever Holech Le'eebud", fans of this genre of music will love this album.

Hanoch and Artzi have each stamped the Israeli rock scene with their folk-rock musical styles. Most of their fans are devoted to both of them. And so, for them to hook up was unexpected but not outrageous.

While it's touching to hear Hanoch sing Artzi and Artzi sing Hanoch, for the most part it sounds like they preferred to duet ather than offer solos of one another's signature songs. Duets are always good, but solos are sharper. Hearing the crowd before each track brings the listener into the excitement of the crowd at Caesaria Amphitheater.

Overall, Artzi fans and Hanoch followers alike will find this album favorable.

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