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January 26, 2006

AARON RAZEL: Live in Jerusalem

Ben Jacobson writes in the Jerusalem Post:

Ordained as a master of musical composition by Bar Ilan University and a "friend" by the Carlebach Foundation, Nahlaot's Aaron Razel is an accomplished and creative force in the realm of contemporary Jewish rock.

Razel's four studio albums have showcased the folk-rocker's flair for soothing songwriting and musicianship, but they have been most effective as advertisements for his concerts. Fans swear that only on stage do Razel's charisma and upbeat energy truly become infectious, an assertion backed up by his new release, Live in Jerusalem.

Razel's "Song of Zion" appears here as a set opener, showcasing his Paul Simon-like, soft vocal touch with energy. On "Bnei Ha'neurim," Razel's vocal approach shows that he's not afraid to miss the high notes, which is in this case a strength, since we can hear on the recording how much fun he is having reaching above his range.

The ecstatic "Two Sugar One Coffee" starts out as a power-chord-heavy wedding jam, with chants of "mazal tov," but the song soon switches gears and becomes lighter. "The Fire and the Wood" is an interesting philosophical query, quoting scripture from a verse commonly cited by scholars to indicate that Isaac knew that his father intended to sacrifice him and walked alongside him up the hill nonetheless.

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