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January 26, 2006

David Broza does Spanish

Barry Davis in the Jerusalem Post reports that with his new album, David Broza is feeling at home in Spanish and Hebrew:

David Broza has come of age, in more ways than one. Besides his recent milestone birthday, the new member of the over-50 club has just released his third Spanish-language album, and is about to embark on a tour to support the new work. He'll perform with the Broza Five at Tel Aviv's Zappa Club January 25 to 27 and at the Einav Center January 28.

Those familiar with Broza's smash mid-Eighties record HaIsha She'Etee (The Woman by My Side) may be forgiven for thinking there's nothing new about Broza's offering us a taste of Iberia. But they'd be wrong. HaIsha She'Etee may have permanently established the songwriter/guitarist as an Israeli megastar, but eight of the nine tracks on that release were Hebrew versions of Spanish songs, and the record gave the impression of a being a marketing experiment as much as a musical endeavor. The new CD, Parking Completo, is another story entirely.

That's not to say that Parking Completo does not do justice to the genre - it does so with aplomb - but the new album is a gutsy, no-holds-barred work teeming with frontier-pushing spirit and unbridled passion. Despite a favorable initial response to the album, Broza admits to a certain amount of apprehension about the new offering. "It's not the norm in Israel to put out records in a foreign language," he says, "especially in a country where cultural identity is so important."

Given that Parking Completo is not the first Spanish-language release in Broza's 28-year recording career, why the concern over the Israeli public's response this time around? "This is my third Spanish album, but Isla Mujeres and Todo O Nada were mainly marketed abroad," Broza explains. "I have drawn a clear line across what I do for the Anglo-Saxon audience, for Spanish audiences and for Israelis. I have recorded in all three languages and it's a part of my own personal cultural identity. I feel comfortable in all those languages and that's who I am. Take me or leave me."

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