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January 26, 2006

Emanuel Steinbaum Presents Puch

Vivah Sarah Press writes in the Jerusalem Post:

A recent debut in record stores is a solo effort by Emanuel Steinbaum, better known as Puch, and the Helicon record company has been heavily promoting its new young singer.

Born and bred in Jerusalem, Puch wrote lyrics and composed the music to all but one of the tracks on this album. His first single, "Nemalim," was quickly picked up by radio stations. His music is pop with a splash of rock, electronica and world beats. The album is fun to listen to - Puch sings softly, then louder, croons and harmonizes, and sounds totally at ease with singing solo.

On the track "Meaz She'halacht," musical backup is provided by none other than Idan Raichel (who collaborated with Puch before Raichel became a star). Like its melody, the words of this break-up song are touching.

Puch is not afraid to play with different styles: "Od Horim," which follows "Meaz She'halacht," is more lively and even has a polka intro.

The one song not written by Puch on the album ("Kol Hazman") was penned by his musician brother, Ronen. The 26-year-old Puch has been involved in the Jerusalem music scene since the age of 12.

The album has a high quality sound, and whereas other bands quickly record and release their material on disc, Puch and Helicon took over two years to put this debut together.

There's no doubt we'll be hearing a lot more from this up and coming Jerusalemite.

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